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Trademark Screening

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    The Corsearch Screening platform provides instant access to a comprehensive set of global trademark databases, in an easy-to-use interface.

    Move seamlessly from initial query — with our proprietary, best-in-class phonetics engine — to a completely customizable screening review. Then create charts with the information you need in the format you want to build finished documents.

    Trademark practitioners recognize Corsearch Screening as a reliable, sophisticated easy-to-use screening tool. Corsearch extends the completeness of your workflow tools even further with document-building tools.


    • Corsearch automated query
    • Customize your dashboard
    • Easy multi-color and numerical tagging (including tagging all and multi-selection) of records for documentation
    • Translation tool
    • Find and Highlight keywords
    • One-click annotations
    • Enhanced filtering options allow users to narrow results without running new queries
    • Marks with similar ownership across jurisdictions within query results
    • Investigative tools for capturing content on Internet: visibility of the mark, PTO history, and the mark’s owner
    • Customizable charts of tagged records and investigative reports
    • Document creation capability


    • Proprietary, best-in-class phonetic engine, automatically checking phonetic, spelling, and plural variations
    • Supports vowel and character replacement, infixes, suffixes, prefixes, and letter strings