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  • TobiasHartmann

    Tobias Hartmann

    Vice President & General Manager, Corsearch, Wolters Kluwer Governance, Risk & Compliance

    Tobias "Tobi" Hartmann is vice president and general manager of Corsearch, where he is responsible for the overall strategic direction and expansion plans.
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    Stephen Stolfi

    Vice President, Global Sales & Strategic Partnerships

    As Vice President of Global Sales & Strategic Partnerships, Stephen Stolfi is a member of the Corsearch Executive and Wolters Kluwer Governance, Risk & Compliance Management Teams. He has led the expansion of Corsearch from a US-based organization into a global business operating in nine countries with customers in over 90 countries.
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    Guy Coene

    Vice President of Information Technology

    Guy Coene is Vice President of Technology and Chief Technology Officer for Corsearch. He joined Corsearch in March 2016 and oversees all aspects of software / product development, IT operations, and technology R&D.
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    Brett Amdur

    Vice President of Product Management & Marketing

    Brett has spent his career at the intersection of law, business, and technology. As VP of Product Marketing, Brett leads the company’s industry-leading product design and directs our communication programs within the trademark community.
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    Luc Pierlé

    Global Head of Operations in EN, FR, and DE

    Luc Pierlé joined Corsearch in September 2015 as Director of European Operations responsible for Corsearch research. In this capacity, Luc leads the search, watch, and quality assurance teams across Europe, and he is based in the Mechelen office, just outside Brussels.
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